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Whether on our own warehouse or on our own account’s one, as a service provider or dealer, online or offline – we are everywhere. We have been trading for 20 years and understand the entrepreneurial risk in practice. The highest competence today lies in consumer products for everyday use and in consumer electronics products. Nevertheless, we learn very quickly and constantly expand our portfolio through proper partners and employees.


You get, what you deserve.

Desire to invest and hope for a profitable result?

As an ambassador and representative for your brand, products or services, we stand by your side.

We are always ready to develop new channels and markets together.

We secure your inventory business.

Let’s reach new heights together!



Progress IMO is a bunch of individuals that have decades of experience as entrepreneurs and leaders. As consultants, investors and entrepreneurs, we have set ourselves the task of sharing our knowledge with other companies and entrepreneurs. We are not just managers who have little to do with new creation. We are entrepreneurs who act as innovators and pick up and establish new ideas. First the authenticity, then the trust.

We bring a new spirit into your business