Marx & Schiller

Bring your brand in the spotlight!


We can help you make your products recognizable and accessible to customers and clients.


Position and present your products at POS and POI with our help.

Together with our partner company, we develop and deliver tailor-made stands solutions. We begin our work by determining the goal of our customer for the point of sale or point of interest. We develop from the first step the strategy of product presentation and create different design options till one of them will suit you. After design approval, the displays are manufactured in-house and delivered to the customer.

Our display stands are made of metal, wood, plastic and cardboard.


We develop EVERY tailor-made POS-solution from lightboxes to product stands.


We guarantee European quality & competitive prices.

POS displays made of hard materials



Display stands for long-term use are made of steel, wood and plastic. From large metal display stands to small counter displays made of plastic, depending on space requirements, we design the right solution for you. We attach great importance to quality, clean processing and high-resolution printing with your advertising message. And best of all: all this is available for affordable prices.

POS displays made of soft materials



Display stands for short-term use are made of cardboard, expanded wood and lightweight plastic. The POS stands with lightweight design are particularly suitable for temporary use at promotions and product launches. We pay attention to the stability especially during these stands production.

e - POS



E stands for electronic, interactive and refers to multimedia usage. The e-POS booths are perfectly suited for the modern communication with customers. They provide an opportunity to run loyalty programs, issue the promotion coupons, record the activities of end customers as well as many other "Tailor made" processes according to the needs of the client.

Interactive smell and sound branding system at the POS


Achieve an immediate and interactive emotional experience at the POS between the consumer and your product. Open a new product marketing dimension for your products:

  • Bring product values and emotions to life,
  • Bring product / brand values into an interactive emotional dialogue with the consumer through the strong sense of smell and sound,
  • Combine the visual with the smell and sound sensory product experience through our POS displays.


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